Cerâmica Portinari is a Brazilian brand and part of the Cecrisa Revestimentos Cerâmicos S.A., one of the largest ceramic tile companies in Brazil. The story of this very unique company started on April 11th 1971, when their first tiles were produced. Since that time, the company has prospered and grown to obtain a prominent position on both the Brazilian and the global market. Portinari is sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Portinari does not only produce and sell tiles, they try “to provide innovative and add-value tiling solutions, exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers.” Such is their mission statement. But next to a high-quality product and good services, Portinari also aims for sustainability. Portinari therefore holds the LEED certification, awarded by the Scientific Certification Systems – SCS. Everything developed by Portinari is done so according to global trends surveys and high investments in technology.

Design House offers a wide range of the Portinari collections. Come and visit our showroom to convince yourself of their quality products. You will be amazed by the innovative aspect of their collections. We are sure you will certainly be able to find something within their collections for every project you might take on.

Of course, if you have already chosen something in Portinari’s own catalogues and we do not have it in store at that time, we will be happy to order it for you. Do not hesitate to check with our staff and we will do our utmost to accommodate any wishes you might have.


Ceramiche Refin is one of the most well-known and long-lasting brands in the ceramic industry. The company is still based in Salvaterra in Italy, the country where it all began in 1962. Ceramiche Refin is part of the Gruppo Concord which is the largest ceramic group in Europe.

Of course, history and experience account for quite some achievements for this company, but it is their constant commitment towards combining aesthetics and technology that has crowned this company as one of the most competitive on the international market, resulting in products of the highest quality standards.

Refin is not only a manufacturer of porcelain tiles, they are truly innovative designers that have created a whole new concept in design research. Refin ceramics created its own design studio called “DesignTaleStudio” in 2005. The team behind this idea has the following philosophy: “They are aiming to find the definition and exploitation of new creative and technical uses for porcelain stoneware tiles.” Thus it is no wonder that the products offered by Ceramiche Refin are always at the top of the upcoming trends.

If you are planning a new home design or taking up a new commercial project, come and discover the Ceramiche Refin porcelain tiles solution in Design House’s showroom in Zeelandia. Especially the Refin floor tiles are not to be missed in our collection. Our staff will be happy to enlighten you and answer any questions you might have.


Design House is proud to sell the products from Kertiles. This brand has its roots in Spain and is therefore largely inspired by the Mediterranean style. Strong colors and designs incorporated in the best quality material make a mix for success. Kertiles still has its marketing and development department located in Castellon in Spain and therefore gets its inspiration from the latest European trends in interior decoration. That is how it always stays innovative in its designs.

But to serve its worldwide customers better, Kertiles has relocated most of its company in the USA almost 20 years ago. This way Kertiles can guarantee the highest levels of customer services and quality control as the American market is one of the most competitive markets in the world.

The choice to sell Kertiles’ products was therefore quickly made for Design House. We were immediately charmed by the variety in designs in tiles and mosaics offered by Kertiles. From an antique look to modern aqua designs, every color and style is represented in the Kertiles’ collection.

On our website you can have a look at various Kertiles’ designs but if you really want to explore their collections and get a “feel” of all the possibilities offered, please come and visit our store. Our staff will be happy to assist you with more information about all the possibilities. We are open six days a week and very centrally located in the area of Zeelandia on Curaçao.


When it comes to tiling, your choice of utilities and material will influence the end-result quite a bit as it is well-known that good material makes for half the work or so they say. Not only do you need to choose the right tiling, you also need to make sure that you purchase the corresponding materials as for example ceramic tiles or quartz tiles will not require the same utilities.

Design House is distributor for one of the oldest and most well-known brands when it comes to utilities in tiling: RUBI.

RUBI is originally a Spanish brand that started with the invention of a manual cutter for hydraulic mosaic work, created by the Boada brothers in 1951. Since then, RUBI has developed into a main manufacturer and distributor in machinery and tools for the construction industry specializing in tile laying equipment but also other materials.

RUBI has expanded its range for the building professional so that he can acquire a large choice of equipment such as ceramic tile cutters, cutters for building materials, manual tools, drill bits, measuring and levelling systems. All products are of high quality and durability. This also boasted by the fact that RUBI is now present in over 140 different countries. That is one of the main reasons why Design House lays its trust in this renowned brand.

We do not only sell material from a brand, we are proud to be distributors for this high quality brand which enables us to make sure that our customers have all they need to achieve the end-result they want for any durable project they take on.


In the past decade mosaic has not only returned to fashion, it has become one of the trendsetters in the design world. We could already experience it during the “Salone Del Mobile” in Milan in 2005, where whole living spaces but also furniture were being shown off in various types of mosaic tiling. This was only a glimpse of the creations that can be made with mosaics.

Voguebay has made this its core: presenting magnificent mosaic creations with so many options that each setting is unique. Colors, texture, sizes and accents, you can play with all these elements to achieve a wonderful and unique result in your home or work space.

It does not matter whether you are looking for a contemporary, traditional or eccentric design, Voguebay has it all. Vibrant colors or elegant earthy tones and even 24K gold flecks, anything to be able to reflect the personality and identity you have chosen for your project.

Of course, you can also choose in various materials. Glass mosaics can be perfectly combined with stone mosaics allowing them to supplement any other materials used on the premises. These are only a few of the reasons why Design House is happy to be a distributor for Voguebay. We are sure that no matter which item you choose from their collection, you will be satisfied by its durability and elegance.

Visit our showroom to experience it yourself. We are sure you will find something in the collection suitable to accommodate any plan or design you might have.

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